Development opportunities in Germany


pbi_logoPeace Brigades International is a human rights organization that accompanies human rights defenders through international volunteer teams in conflict areas, creating spaces for peace. In addition to volunteering for a PBI project, you can get involved in one of the regional or working groups.


friedenskoop_logoNetwork of the German Peace Movement (Netzwerk Friedenkooperative) is an informal umbrella organization of peace and human rights groups. It is an important hub and coordination point for extra-parliamentary action and “bottom-up policy”.



downloadBUND is involved, e.g. for organic agriculture and healthy food, for climate protection and the development of renewable energies, for the protection of threatened species, the forest and water. Nationwide, there are over 2,000 voluntary BUND groups that directly tackle the issues that are important in their region.

logoNABU is one of Germany’s largest environmental organization and is committed to ensuring that future generations will find a liveable earth for the protection of diverse habitats and species as well as for good air, clean water, healthy soils and the careful use of finite resources.


Refugee + Migration

download Willkommen bei Freunden: Often helpers and initiatives find each other only after a long search. With the “Welcome to friends” app, it becomes easier to get active for refugees.


logo_wegweiser Wegweiser Bürgergesellschaft Given the large number of arrivals, in 2015 a large movement of self-organized welcome initiatives emerged. There are many such local volunteer initiatives listed on the map of Signpost Civil Society (Wegweiser Bürgergesellschaft).


logo The VOICE Refugee Forum is an independent network of political refugee activists. Founded in 1994 in a former camp in Mühlhausen in Thüringen as exile organisation (The VOICE Africa Forum), The VOICE nowadays supports and promotes the empowerment of refugees and the self-organisation of refugee groups nationwide




download (4)Weltladen Dachverband Worldshops (Weltläden) aim to contribute to greater fairness in trade relations between the countries of the Global South and the North. To achieve this goal, Worldshops sell Fair Trade products, participate in political campaigns and provide information and education on fair trade issues.


Development / Global Education

wus-logoThe World University Service (WUS) is an international non-governmental organisation which is politically and denominationally neutral. Since 1920 the WUS supports students and academics in higher education institutions. WUS Germany takes part in national and international campaigns in the educational and development cooperation sector, offers consulting and carries out scholarship programmes as well as projects.



The World University Service’s Global Learning portal provides an overview of educational materials for development education and event offerings in this area.


download (2)Mangoes & bullets is for anyone wishing to engage with racism and other systems of domination, and looking for inspiration for resistance and alternatives. It offers, inter alia, films, songs and poems, and, as well, information on campaigns and political activism.


download (1) Bildungsagenten Educational agents collect the creative action ideas, methods and workshop concepts of former volunteers.



Social justice

download (1)Helpto: No matter if you want to help others or you are looking for support yourself: with “help to” you can find projects, places and consulting offers in your area and you can search or offer material donations.


helferkompassimage offers an overview of opportunities for social engagement in Germany.





Development opportunities in the United Kingdom 



logoThe Syria Solidarity Campaign (SSC) is based in the UK and includes a network of activists and supporters committed to solidarity with the Syrian Revolution.

The main purpose of the Syria Solidarity Campaign is to amplify the voices of Syrians struggling for peace and freedom. We want to work with all existing campaigns and organisations to help build a campaign that can assist the Syrian people in their struggle for a democratic, just, free and pluralist Syria.

imagesPalestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) is a community of people working together for peace, equality, and justice and against racism, occupation, and colonisation. Together we are the biggest organisation in the UK dedicated to securing Palestinian human rights. PSC brings people from all walks of life together to campaign for Palestinian rights and freedom.




cropped-image1-1-1-1Justice4Grenfell (J4G) is a community-led organisation, focused on the long term goal of obtaining justice for the bereaved families, survivors, evacuated residents and the wider local community, partnering with representative organisations. J4G will be engaging with the Public Inquiry on behalf of its membership.


download (6)SEWREC is a local charity that now has twenty-seven years’ experience of working to challenge discrimination, promote equality of opportunity and promote good relations between people from different backgrounds in Wales.




Football Beyond Borders FBB is an education charity which uses football as an engagement tool to support young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.





images (1)Migrant Help’s  vision is for a global society that protects vulnerable migrants, treats them with respect and enables them to reach their full potential.


zTxa2H7L_400x400Refugee Council work with refugees and people seeking asylum in the UK.  They offer practical support and advice throughout their journey in the UK.  They have been helping refugees for more than 60 years and have a thorough understanding of the difficulties facing people arriving in the UK, having fled war, rape, torture and with unimaginable stories to tell.  Many refugees have lost everything and their lives will never return to normal.  The Refugee Council offer a helping hand to support and empower them to rebuild their lives.


Development Global Education


think.strapline-e1528909982360Think Global is an education charity helping people to understand – and then take action on – global issues.  We stand for a more just and sustainable world.  We believe that the more people understand global issues – such as food security, sustainability, epidemics – the more likely they are to take better decisions in their personal and professional lives.  People have the ingenuity and the humanity to solve the world’s problems, if they have the knowledge and understanding too.




Friends_of_the_Earth_(logo).svgFriends of the Earth is an international community dedicated to protecting the natural world and the wellbeing of everyone in it. We lead campaigns, provide resources and information, and drive real solutions to the environmental problems facing us all. Connecting more than 2 million people in 75 countries, we are transforming the efforts of communities all over the world into global action for change.


digital-campaign-20150213084243337The Climate Coalition is the UK’s largest group of people dedicated to action against climate change.



Fidra, Environmental charity based in East Lothian Scotland

Fidra is a charity based in East Lothian, Scotland. They seek to address specific environmental issues which affect their community by informing and engaging wider dialogue at national and international levels.



facebook-share Transition Town– Starting from a high school project in Totnes, United Kingdom, the transition town movement has now spread globally. It is based on communities and, in a nutshell, it aims to transform towns into more self-sufficient and energy independent units. There are many projects evolving within the movement.





Child Poverty Action Group: More than one in four children in the UK are growing up in poverty. It doesn’t have to be like this. Child Poverty Action Group work to understand what causes poverty, the impact it has on children’s lives, and how it can be solved – for good. They also provide accurate information, training and advice to the people who work with hard-up families, to make sure they get the financial support they need.


logoInspiring Scotland; Since 2008, Inspiring Scotland has worked towards a Scotland where everyone, no matter who they are, no matter where they live, or the circumstances they are born into, has the chance to enjoy a happy, healthy life free from poverty or disadvantage. We do not accept the status quo and we are committed for as long as it takes, whatever it takes, to build a better Scotland.




primary-logoMuslim AidA UK-based international relief and development agency, Muslim Aid has been working for over two decades to help save and improve the lives of millions in over 70 of the world’s poorest countries.

downloadWomankind Worldwide is a global women’s rights organisation working in solidarity and equal partnership with women’s rights organisations and movements to transform the lives of women.



download (1)Plan International UK is a children’s charity. We strive to advance children’s rights and equality for girls all over the world




9c4383_3d3d639dae1d49689fa9d807f6cdf9c2_mv2the3million is a not for profit organisation formed after the Brexit referendum to protect the lives of EU citizens who made the UK their home. It takes its name from the estimated number of EU citizens who moved from another member state to live and work, and have established their life in the UK, many for a very long time.

logo-minSisters Uncut are a feminist group taking direct action for domestic and sexual violence services.



download (1)My Life My Say is a youth-led, national, non-partisan movement on a mission to secure a better Brexit for young people by creating safe spaces for dialogue on and offline, as well as our research and advocacy work with decision-makers.


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logo (1) BOND


download (2) Gender and Development Network


Development opportunities in Ireland




6u8kJYYZ_400x400Amnesty International is well-known and respected organisation promoting and standing for human rights all around the world. Their motto: ‘Together, we are powerful’, points out that many of their successful projects are dependent on public support. Amnesty has its regional offices in many countries around the world and care about human rights issues on both, local and global level. Check their national office.

Justice for PalestineThe Justice for Palestine Group are Comhlámh members and supporters who have come together to research and learn about the conflict in this region.  The membership of the group includes those who have worked in the region as volunteers and those who have not but who have an interest to learn.  The group is keen to raise awareness about the history and current situation of the conflict.

The Irish Palestinian Solidarity Campaign;download (5) campaigns for justice for the Palestinian people, through raising public awareness about the human rights abuses in the occupied territories, the violations of international law and the historical causes of the injustices to the Palestinians that lie at the heart of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.


pbi_logoPeace Brigades International (PBI) is a unique international organisation promoting nonviolent approaches to peacebuilding and protecting human rights defenders since 1981.



Friends_of_the_Earth_(logo).svgFriends of the Earth Ireland  and FOE Northern Ireland campaigns for environmental justice and sustainability. We believe in sustainable development – meeting the needs of the current generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. And we believe in fair shares – too often the poorest communities in the world are denied access to the natural resources essential to life, such as fresh water, while rich countries consume and pollute recklessly

15173277721046206Young Friends of the Earth are a volunteer activist group working to advance global climate justice by mobilising and inspiring people to join the movement in Ireland!


cFBn41Vo_400x400 Carraig Dúlra is a family-owned social enterprise dedicated to providing education, experiences, and connections related to sustainable living; namely Permaculture education



Cultivate is a practical sustainability organisation. We aim to equip people to respond to the twin issues of energy vulnerability and climate change by providing access to the knowledge and tools that cultivate sustainable lifestyles and resilient communities. Cultivate programmes include: Green building, Community resilience, Permaculture, and a Convergence festival Ireland’s longest running sustainable living festival.



Transition Town– Starting from a high school project in Totnes, United Kingdom, the transition town movement has now spread globally. It is based on communities and, in a nutshell, it aims to transform towns into more self-sufficient and energy independent units. There are many projects evolving within the movement. There are Transition town in Ireland you can locate them on the link Transition Near me on the website. You could also look at starting a new group

Irish Cyling Advocacy Network. The Irish Cycling Advocacy Network – is primarily a federation of the affiliated urban cycling or walking campaigns groups in Ireland.


Comhlámh Belfast Group 1The Comhlámh Belfast group has been working together since 2013.  From the outset, the group has aimed to raise awareness about existing work that’s going on in Northern Ireland around global justice and solidarity issues, as well as developing new activities and resources.  In common with the organisation’s other member groups, Comhlámh Belfast uses development education methodologies and a grassroots, participative approach to developing their activities.  The group focuses on advocacy and solidarity work that focuses on mining in Peru and in Northern Ireland.  If you are interested in getting involved in this group please contact


cropped-SiteIconGlobal Action Plan  supports schools, communities and businesses to take practical action to live as sustainably as possible.  Our mission is to support people to live more sustainable lifestyles, by offering practical yet creative solutions that inspire people to act. Equally important, GAP programmes empower individuals to change their long-term consumption habits with sustainable living tools and programmes.

Refugee and Migration 


MAmasilogoSI is an independent platform for asylum seekers to join together in unity and purpose.  The collective seeks justice, freedom and dignity for all asylum seekers.


46503478_2211170739142125_3110577687001825280_nRefugee and Migrant Solidarity Ireland (RAMSI) The group- made up of people from all walks of life- focuses on leading actions of solidarity (both practical and political) with those seeking refuge both in Ireland and abroad. We, the people, are coming together and responding to those in need of support. Our action and impact is in huge contrast to that taken by the Irish government. Real change happens with the people.


Ireland Says WelcomeIreland Says Welcome is a membership group of Comhlámh, sharing news, information and refugee solidarity initiatives in Ireland and across Europe.
Our vision is of a welcoming, inclusive and participatory Ireland for those escaping war, persecution and poverty.



Join the Right to Refuge campaign As a member of the Right to Refuge campaign, you’ll be part of a movement of people across the island of Ireland who are using their voice to create lasting change in the lives of refugees and migrants. Together, we have already achieved so much, in Ireland and across the world




Trocaire-with-strapline Trocaire currently have vibrant volunteer groups in various regions in Ireland who bring valuable skills, experience and energy to supporting our work here – and we’re looking for more volunteers to join us.


Concern_worldwide_logoConcern Worldwide is always on the lookout for volunteers. Please see the website for details on the opportunities to help as a volunteer in Ireland. The work of volunteers is central to everything we do, and the scale of the input of volunteers isn’t always visible but it is truly remarkable. Also check out their new initiative Project us 


CICLogo-01 Children in Crossfire is driven by our vision for a compassionate world where every child can reach his or her potential.  You can get involved today and make a real, lasting difference to some of the world’s most vulnerable children.  Working as one team we combine all skills and experience to make a positive change.  You can participate in so many ways no matter what your skills are.


download (2)LYCS aims to create a variety of learning opportunities for our community, prioritising people living locally and people experiencing poverty and social exclusion


re-dress-logo Re-dress, the better fashion initiative believes the fashion industry can & should be better. They co-ordinate events, workshops, projects, exhibitions, industry consultations and public campaigns all with the goal of promoting meaningful change towards better practices and a sustainable future for the fashion industry.

Development/Global education



The Global Citizen Award (GCA) is a programme that encourages international volunteers to use their overseas experience to take action and raise awareness of global justice on their return to Ireland.


Change Makers objective is to raise adult awareness of the rapidly- changing, inter-connected world we live in. The project is supporting people in Donegal to take action for a more just world.

download (1)

Development Perspectives is a Development Education NGO and registered charity (No. 18555) based in Drogheda, County Louth whose mission is to contribute to lessening poverty, inequality and climate change through transformative education and active global citizenship.



The Waterford One World Centre see Development Education as a way of understanding the complex issues that impact our world. We see the promotion of Development Education as a means of enabling people to work effectively for change in their lives and in the world as a whole.  Our particular focus is on responsible consumption and sustainable living.

galway-one-world-centreGalway One world centre mission is to create educational opportunities in Galway that develop a critical analysis of the unequal power relationships that historically and currently exist between diverse groups, both locally and globally. GOWC’s aim is to empower people through education, direct action, networking, outreach and provision of resources to create a world where all people have equality of rights, opportunities and respect.


Social justice


Access to Medicines IrelandThe Access to Medicine Ireland (AMI) is campaigning for a system of medical research and development that delivers the medicines we need at a fair price. We propose actionable, evidence-based solutions to these problems – based on recommendations from bodies such as the UN High Level Panel on Access to Medicines, the WHO and MSF. We very much welcome new members, who can contact us at  You can get us on Twitter at @AccessToMedsIRL and Facebook at /accesstomedicinesireland.

Trade Justice GroupThe Comhlámh Trade Justice Group works to raise awareness of how unfair trade rules prevent some of the poorest countries in the world from moving out of poverty.  Countries of the global south lose much more through unfair trade rules than they receive in aid from rich countries.  If you are interested in joining the group, or finding out more, please contact us at

download (4)Focus Magazine is Ireland’s leading magazine on global development issues. Since 1978, Focus has been making links between the situation in Ireland and in the South, with a view to challenging assumptions, and promoting understanding, interest in and action on development issues among a broad public. In particular, it aims to provide alternative views to those expressed in mainstream media. Focus is always looking contributors and for quality content.

poster may

Comhlámh ‘First Wednesday Debates’ are a series of debates on the first Wednesday of each month in Dublin on different development topics.



LASC (Latin America Solidarity Centre) is a membership-based organisation. We are individuals who share a passion for real social change in Latin America and Ireland, and we believe that peace with justice and equality for all can come only through genuine participation of everyone in society’s decision making.

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logo (2)Dochas Wednesday News 


activelink-orange-yellow-300Activelink is the premier online network for Irish community and non-profit organisations and those interested in this sector. We provide information on jobs, tenders, volunteering, events, fundraising, training, publications and funding in these sectors. This website is updated daily and filtered into 2 weekly newsletter bulletins: Activelink (jobs and volunteering) and Community Exchange (training and events).


IDEA newsletter IDEA’s members come from different regions of the island of Ireland. They work in different sectors of society and use a wide variety of tools drawn from education and development practices to engage the Irish public in Development Education

The Potential of the Sustainable Development Goals for Volunteers

In this chapter we will change the focus a little. We would like to explore the potential of integrating the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a topic with returning volunteers. Why and how are they relevant to our work with volunteers in our trainings? What can we contribute to the achievement of the goals, and how can they contribute to our work with volunteers? And how can we include the SDGs in a way that volunteers can critically engage with them rather than just take them as a panacea for development?
The SDGs are a set of 17 individual goals that seek to address a wide variety of development issues, and which UN member states are expected to use to frame their development agendas. The SDGs form a global framework with the aim of sustainably making the world a better place. Rather than being a development framework that is situated only in certain parts of the world, the goals acknowledge that there is a need to address problems in the global north as well as in the global south. The SDGs can therefore be a way for volunteers to act as multipliers for global justice beyond their participation in the overseas placement by identifying what actions need to happen locally in their own country.
The SDGs are complex and cover a wide spectrum of issues around the world and will require commitment and time to work towards achieving them. Using the SDGs might help volunteers to see how one development framework has attempted to include many of the big development issues of this time. It would be useful to know what development frameworks have gone before (e.g. Millennium Development Goals, Poverty Reduction Strategy, etc.) – including the limitations and successes of previous initiatives in order to get a more informed, contextualised and critical insight into this current framework.
Once we are not just taking the SDGs at face value but with a critical perspective, there is opportunity to explore the role that volunteers can play in working towards their achievement? When returnees arrive back home after their volunteer project work is finished, they are often motivated to make a change, to have an impact on how things work at home. It is important as a trainer to support the ideas that returnees come up with, to link them in with what is already happening that they could add value to at home. Adding value and bringing their experiences to an existing initiative can be worthwhile since there may already be an established structure that will help people to channel their energy and time effectively. This way, returnees do not have to start from scratch, but can work with others towards common goals, as well as exchanging experiences. Seeing a change or at least some small progress can help to keep people motivated, and bringing attention to good work already going on can bring some energy for further change making.
In terms of individual actions that can be taken in relation to the goals, identifying those issues we feel most drawn to can be a good way to get started in getting active and engaged. We can already begin working on some of the 17 goals from home, and this can be a stimulus for further engagement for returned volunteers. For example:
Goal 12 on ‘Responsible Consumption and Production’: we can ask questions such as “What do I wear? What do I eat?” or “Where are my jeans from? Where are my bananas from?” Tackling everyday issues can be an easy access point for volunteers to become engaged because they offer a common starting point for discussion with those volunteers who wish to have accessible entry points for ways to make change in their everyday lives. People are usually able to grasp issues better when the topic affects them personally.
‘Clean water’ (Goal 6) might not be regarded as an immediate problem in our European climate, but it is in many countries of the world. However, we are closely related to the issue of water scarcity and pollution with our consumption of virtual water, or the amount of water used in the production of our daily goods. For example, the production of a pair of jeans uses up 11,000 litres of water, most of it for growing cotton in very hot and dry areas where the water is pumped from deep wells, thereby depleting the natural water reserves. Additionally, textile factories pollute rivers with their chemically contaminated wastewater. It is a global problem that can only be solved if people in high-consuming countries dare to care.
Goal 7, ‘Affordable and Clean Energy’, and Goal 9 ‘Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure’, have huge, long lasting impacts on our environment. Making changes in our use of technologies (for example, regarding personal mobility, heating, and power) is an essential step. That the SDGs are well connected and dependent on one another is demonstrated by Goals 13, ‘Climate Action’, 14 ‘Life below Water’, and 15 ‘Life on Land’. While the global north has larger CO2 emissions, the global south feels the effects of rapid global warming to a much higher degree, as a result of more tropical storms and flooding, as well as more droughts. Raising awareness and informing people about climate change and making them understand that every single human being can influence the climate with their everyday decisions, is a very concrete step towards achieving SDG 13 that volunteers can take by organising their own educational actions or actions that promote environmental protection. ‘Sustainable Cities and Communities’, Goal 11, may invite returnees to be active in their localities to encourage, for example, shared economies, inclusive infrastructure for disabled and elderly citizens, urban gardens, more bike stands and paths, greening of open spaces and buildings.
These examples show how broad the field of activism for the SDGs might be. As trainers of returned volunteers, we can link the individual interests of volunteers to SDG topics and the existing efforts of organisations that are working on the very same goals. This can, in turn, increase the chance of our returned volunteers’ activism becoming sustainable active citizenship.